The first enterprise-ready machine learning platform designed specifically to handle audio signals. AMI is an intuitive and creative approach to problem solving using sound, no coding required.

Audio AI

Training a device or machine how to “listen” to an audio signal. Audio AI enabled professionals can then identify abnormalities and take action to avert potential system failure.

Audio AI for Machine Optimization: How it Works

AudioLab 360 is pioneering the application of Audio AI for machine optimization and failure prevention using AMI.

AMI “learns” the normal operational sound characteristics of a particular machine. Based on the of a ‘normal’ operational sound profile, AMI will be able to identify any deviation from this baseline. This enables machine operators to remotely monitor machine performance and even create alerts sent to the operator indicating the need for machine maintenance.

AMI also has the versatility to monitor a wide range of machines regardless of age and amount of usage and wear and tear. AMI creates data sets of audio profiles and has substantial “self-learning” capacity. AMI can be rapidly deployed and fine tuned in almost any setting.

Cost Reduction

Audio Machine Intelligence (AMI) has a number of innovative and cost-saving applications.

It has been proven to detect and measure dynamic processes in machine operation that will enhance the ability of machine operators to optimize efficiency, establish more effective regular maintenance systems and schedules and even avert potential system failure.

AMI can collect and process sound data in a way that enables earlier problem detection than traditional AI monitoring systems. The use of high-resolution audio data makes AMI superior to other AI monitoring systems in many circumstances.

AMI’s ability to detect and process complex events makes it capable of conveying machine performance and anomalies that other AI systems cannot. These capabilities of AMI open new doors for the use of AI in machine and equipment monitoring.

Remote machine diagnostics allow for the gathering and analysis of data, providing real-time updates on issues as they develop.

Remote Diagnostics

Sound is an excellent sensory medium- often superior to light- due to its ability to travel along and through various materials, contain a wealth of information, and be captured using relatively simple hardware. AMI’s proprietary audio processing technology unlocks and fully utilizes this wealth of information.

AMI Applications

Here are number examples of where AMI can be effective.

Spinning Systems

Brakes, brushes, bearings, tires, gear boxes

Airflow Systems

Filters, Fans, turbines, pumps

Electrical Systems

Transformers, valves, solenoids

Material Mixing and Plumbing

Slurry, bubbles, crystal formation

Internal Combustion Engines

Belts, cams mounts

Structural Failure

Stress, fractures, disconnection, shifting

The high resolution audio of AMI allows for subtle details to be recorded for analysis. As we gather information as per our remote diagnostics, you’ll be provided with ongoing performance analysis, for a much fuller awareness of mechanical issues as they arise.