Driving the Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Forward with Superior Audio Technology

Driving the Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution Forward with Superior Audio Technology

The rapidly emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry offers an exhilarating prospect: the untapped potential for seamlessly integrating cutting-edge audio technology into the everyday driving experience.

The EV industry, despite its eager embrace of new technologies, has merely skimmed the surface of the boundless capabilities that audio technology can truly deliver. The transformative power of audio solutions to revolutionize the driving experience is often underestimated or, more often, not even considered at all.

Innovation in the EV industry extends far beyond the realm of batteries and eco-friendly power. New technologies that enhance safety as well as operator and passenger engagement and entertainment are fundamental parts of the EV experience.

Enter BMT and our multi-faceted and cutting-edge audio technology. Our unique audio technology brings a trifecta of impactful innovation to the EV arena: Speakerless immersive cabin entertainment; highly effective signal generation and sound design features, and; game-changing real time vehicle diagnostics that will maximize vehicle performance.

The Future of In-Cabin Entertainment: Speakerless Audio Systems.

No other company can bring to the table what BMT offers. BMT’s patented DPS (Digital Power Station) technology boasts an unparalleled track record of exceptional performance. Already leaving an indelible mark on the aviation industry, their groundbreaking speaker-less audio system has been successfully deployed in renowned aircraft such as the HondaJet Elite, eliciting widespread acclaim and admiration. This same proprietary technology is now being brought to the EV market, poised to revolutionize in-cabin entertainment systems and beyond.

The cutting-edge prototypes developed by Project Arrow EV (Canada’s first zero emissions concept car) unveiled an exciting glimpse into the future of auto entertainment, as they seamlessly integrated BMT’s groundbreaking speaker-less audio solution. Taking stage at the highly anticipated CES 2023, a renowned platform for showcasing technological advancements and innovations, the Canadian-based Project Arrow EV prototype left an indelible mark with its remarkable integration of the BMT immersive sound system.

Inside the vehicle’s cabin, just like in the Hondajet Elite and other aircraft in the private aviation sector, the transducer-based audio system creates an oasis of sound, enveloping both driver and passengers in a captivating and immersive sonic experience that elevates every aspect of the driving journey. Attendees at the conference were captivated by BMT’s revolutionary speaker-less audio system, which ingeniously employs lightweight transducers embedded in the vehicle’s cabin side and head panels. These transducers, powered by the DPS audio processing technology, excite the panels themselves, effectively transforming the entire cabin into a speaker. This innovative approach not only optimizes space utilization but also reduces weight, all while delivering an exceptional sound experience to the vehicle’s occupants.

The collaboration between Project Arrow and BMT serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry. It represents the harmonious fusion of futuristic design, unwavering innovation, and boundless creativity, ultimately setting a new standard for what can be achieved in the realm of automotive technology.

Innovative Signal Generation and Sound Design: Elevating Safety and Experiences

The inherent quietness of EVs poses challenges for pedestrians and other road users. Leveraging our expertise in signal generation, we have created distinctive and attention-grabbing engine sounds seamlessly integrated into the driving experience. BMT’s Artificial Vehicle Alerting Sounds (AVAS) ensure audibility, effectively alerting pedestrians to the presence of EVs and mitigating potential accidents.

Beyond the functional aspects of signal generation, BMT emphasizes the artistry of sound design to enhance the driving experience. BMT’s sound design encompasses the creation of captivating chimes, alerts, and other audio elements that enrich the driving environment. By harnessing the power of sound, we foster a stronger emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle, engaging them in a captivating- and highly functional- auditory experience.

While it may sound like science fiction, this technology is already a reality. Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automotive Corporation (GAC) has embraced BMT’s DPS sound design features in their EVs, with over 300,000 units equipped with BMT’s technology successfully sold.

BMT’s audio technology encompasses a dynamic equalizer that intelligently adjusts the frequency response of the audio system based on the EV’s speed and ambient noise levels, ensuring optimal sound quality in any driving condition. Furthermore, our automatic gain control (AGC) effectively mitigates road noise and enhances speech intelligibility, elevating the enjoyment of all media experiences.

With BMT’s comprehensive audio innovation, EV manufacturers can offer their customers an exceptional audio experience that enhances safety while elevating the joy of driving. Whether it’s the dynamic engine sounds and AVAS for safety or the meticulously crafted sound effects for an immersive journey, our technology ensures that EVs provide a sound experience that seamlessly complements the future of automotive innovation.

Audio Machine Intelligence (AMI): Unleashing Real-Time Diagnostics

In addition to its contributions to entertainment and safety, BMT has spearheaded the development of its proprietary Audio Machine Intelligence (AMI) engine, a groundbreaking innovation that possesses the ability to “listen” to fundamental vehicular systems such as engines, brakes, and tires. Through the careful analysis of these acoustic signatures, AMI delivers invaluable real-time insights into the vehicle’s condition and performance. This state-of-the-art technology offers substantial advantages for both electric vehicle (EVs) companies and individuals, leading to time and cost savings, and potentially even saving lives.

The potential applications of AMI extend far beyond vehicle diagnostics. Leveraging the power of sound analysis, AMI also holds the capability to detect and report on road conditions, weather patterns, traffic congestion, and other pertinent phenomena. This transformative potential promises to elevate EVs to new heights of intelligence, safety, and efficiency, particularly as autonomous vehicles continue to gain prominence on our roadways.

BMT is the One-Stop Audio Solution for EVs

BMT stands alone in providing revolutionary audio solutions for electric vehicles, fueled by an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. With a wealth of expertise and experience, BMT serves as a comprehensive hub for speaker-less audio systems, sound design, signal generation, Audio Machine Intelligence, and beyond. Whether it’s crafting immersive soundscapes to enhance the driving experience or developing state-of-the-art signal generation techniques for safety and compliance, BMT will define what audio technology means in the EV industry. As is the case with all of our solutions, BMT puts people first. Enhancing the human experience- in this case behind the wheel of an EV-is what our home grown and dynamic technology is all about.