New Medical Study Proves Immersive Audio Enhances Virtual Reality Experience

On March 5, 2023, Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies’ (BMHT) medical team presented the findings of a groundbreaking study at the International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Global Symposium with wide-ranging implications for VR users in healthcare, gaming, training, and entertainment. The focus of this novel study was to examine how the immersive audio provided by Bongiovi’s patented Digital Power Station (DPS) audio processing solutions could improve and enhance the experience of VR.

The research team concluded that DPS-enhanced audio improved the overall VR experience compared to other audio options, observing notable enhancements in several key metrics. Participants in the VR study reported increased feelings of immersion, presence, and valence, increased physiological responses such as breathing and heart rate, and enhanced ability to localize objects and events. Overall, these improvements resulted in a higher-quality HD audio experience.