Safety & Communication

Workplace safety includes both hearing protection as well as field awareness and effective communication on the job site. Until now, achieving OSHA standards for hearing protection came at the cost of reduced field awareness and diminished communication.

Audio Lab 360 technology has resolved this dilemma creating a safer and more functional work site.

The Natural Hearing Solution

What is it?

Experiencing audio as if you were not using any enhancement device. This is a fundamentally distinct approach to audio: We understand the dynamics of how people hear going back to our primitive ancestors for whom high- definition hearing was critical to survival.

How do we incorporate this solution into a wearable device?

1.  Block the ambient sound

2.  Re-introduce outside audio through the device

3.  Audio intake mimics human physical mechanisms for processing audio

4.  No artificial “coloring” of sound

5.  Enable user to take the next step as needed to fine tune for “super hearing” setting

Advanced Natural Hearing

Using the Clear 360 Pro is essentially like experiencing audio as if you were not using any hearing enhancement device at all, the effect being very close to ‘real hearing.’

How does it work? As a hearing enhanced protection system (HEPS), the Clear 360 Pro blocks loud ambient sound while re-introducing outside audio through the device at safe levels, providing active hearing protection. The audio intake mimics human physical mechanisms for high-resolution sound without any ‘artificial coloring.’

It also has a variety of custom options for fine-tuning, including a ‘super hearing’ setting that dials up the volume of vocal communication, while maintaining hearing protection nonetheless.
Customizability makes the Clear 360 Pro ideal for a variety of different users, including those who may actually need a volume boost.

Clear 360 PRO

World’s first product that combines hearing protection with enhanced hearing acuity, natural sound location and crystal- clear communication.

We understand the dynamics of how people hear. Thus, we take a fundamentally distinct approach to audio. Going back to our primitive ancestors, high-definition hearing was critical to survival.

Clear audibility is also crucial today in environments where vocal communication often needs to cut through loud noises to prevent any potential safety hazards. Early warning signs of danger both in nature and in the workplace are often heard before they’re seen, which is why auditory situational awareness remains so important both for staff safety.

Ease of Use

The Clear 360 Pro is easy to use. It can be set up and made ready to go in under a minute, and there’s virtually no learning curve. Users can experiment with different audio settings, which may also be adjusted depending on the noise level in the environment.

The headphones are comfortable and are designed to be worn for long shifts. They have a 16-hour battery life, which is plenty for a shift. Also a key for communication, the headphones are Bluetooth-enabled, facilitating easier long-distance conversations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Clear 360 Pro or its specific use cases. We’d be glad to provide more information about how our technology works for you.


Purposefully designed to be intuitive to use with no training required. Portable and light weight (2.5 oz) it was built for maximum comfort and extended use. Providing an inherently natural and comfortable experience with no abnormal or unnatural sensation. Loud sounds are safely attenuated automatically without sacrificing quiet sounds, allowing users to experience uninterrupted hearing protection and simultaneous hearing enhancement.