Sound Medicine is the utilization of non-invasive audio capture for monitoring patient health regardless of the location or remoteness of the patient or the medical professional.

The new era of healthcare is one that increasingly emphasizes individual patient based “managed healthcare”. Substantial amounts of patient data are collected, stored, transmitted and utilized to manage each patient’s healthcare strategy.

New technologies- such as artificial intelligence- have become integrated into data collection. New platforms and infrastructure- most significantly telemedicine- have rapidly emerged and taken root as fundamental components of managed personal healthcare.

Sound Medicine is now here to take its place among these new technologies and platforms. Sound Medicine is made possible by our proprietary FDA listed Medical Digital Power Station(MDPS) technology. MDPS offers a suite of audio based solutions involving non invasive forms of data collection and analytics.

Sound: The Unexplored Frontier of Medicine - until now.

Our highly accomplished team of medical professionals has spent years testing and validating the potential of audio- and of our MDPS technology in particular- to enhance the optimization of patient health from diagnosis through long term health management.

Our medical team- which includes a wide range of medical specialties-has arrived at a unanimous and unequivocable conclusion:

MDPS enhanced audio has the ability to assess real time function of biological systems and other anatomical functions to a level that exceeds even high – definition video.

Furthermore, constant body functions such as air flow, blood flow and liquid flow- as measured by MDPS – can deduce pathology as well as the degree of dysfunction.

Audiolab Team member Dr. Haffey performing carotid exam.

The advantages of audio as a component of managed care are multifaceted.These are some of the advantages of MDPS audio data compared to other popular forms of data collection and management:

  • Audio data collection is non- invasive, rapid and safe

  • It is less costly to collect and analyze

  • Lower cost hardware is required

  • MDPS software is highly integratable with other software and hardware
  • MDPS is very amenable to recurring/subscription based managed care programs

  • It is designed to easily incorporate other DPS solutions, such as intellispeech

  • It is highly adaptable to non-clinical settings and even remote locations.

Aria provides specialized biological audio capture and analysis. Aria enabled devices combine specialized audio capture, tuned audio processing plus optional AI analysis to assist the medical practitioner.

Introducing Aria

Aria is both an FDA listed proprietary software system as well as a patented hardware design.

The software system and hardware design each bring innovation and value to medical care and are licensed independently. When combined, they create the Aria Platform which will revolutionize healthcare.

Aria Software System

Aria software utilizes our patented MDPS audio processing to provide an enhanced level of diagnostics for a wide variety of conditions ranging from carotid stenosis to respiratory ailments.

It is easily integratable into Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to tele-health platforms. It can be adapted to enhance virtually any auscultation device no matter how sophisticated.

It gives the medical professional- with a minimum of training- the ability to create “sound profiles” tailored to specific diagnostic tasks. It can be readily integrated into international platforms, dedicated servers, Cloud and Mobile networks.

Aria Hardware Design

The patented hardware design enables low cost, high quality audio capture of biological sounds using form factors that could- if necessary- be designed for single use in locations where there is an active contagion. It can be adapted to optimize specific frequency ranges which characterize specific biological functions. The human body produces the full frequency spectrum- blood flow, joint movement, gastro-intestinal function, to cite just a few examples- and many of these systems have never previously been the subject of scientific audio analysis.

A Powerful Synergy

The Aria Platform is designed to incorporate AudioLab’s other technological features.

It has built-in Speech Intelligibility tools to improve communications when used remotely.

Our patented Audio Machine Intelligence (AMI) engine can be built into the Aria platform to provide the medical community with a scalable, easily adaptable AI capability that will reduce diagnosis time frames as well as empower the Practitioner with enhanced screening tools.