Manipulating the dynamic between the human ears’ bio- mechanical response to sound and our brain’s perception of the meaning of sound.

Communication optimization software that brings crystal clear communication to compromised audio environments to overcome hardware limitations. Intellispeech creates improved voice articulation and a consistent audio signal which facilitates our brain’s ability to filter out background noise and maximizes our perception of sound


At 30,000 feet above the ground…
Or 300 feet below sea level…
Or inside a noisy hospital…

Intellispeech enables previously unattainable levels of clarity in critical communication.

Intellispeech In Hostile noise Enviroments

Background noise makes distinguishing sounds you want to hear from sounds that you cannot help but hear very difficult and sometimes impossible. However, some of the most critical forms of communication occur in environments where background noise is extremely difficult to combat.

Intellispeech helps bring sound clarity to these experiences—from the cockpit to cabin communications and even in-flight entertainment.

What Is Intellispeech?

Intellispeech is communication optimization software that can be used in otherwise compromised audio environments. It overcomes hardware limitations to deliver sound quality and enhance communication in a way that would not otherwise be possible. Intellispeech creates improved voice articulation, so the sound is ultimately delivered in a way that does not sound muffled, garbled, or subdued.

This software works by creating a consistent audio signal that facilitates the brain’s ability to filter out background noise. Although the sound itself does not change, the way the receiver hears it and processes it does—it maximizes the perception of sound.

This type of software can be used in an array of environments—from deep-sea dives, to plane cockpits, to in-office conference calls, to enhancing gaming experiences. Intellispeech increases communication to allow for optimum performance on every level.